Diabetes is a hormone related disease which can
cause the thinning of hair or hair loss. Losing your
hair could be caused by diabetes, however, there
are many more causes. It is important to investigate
properly to ensure the most effective treatment is
used to battle the hair loss. Diabetes can cause
hair loss if not detected at an early stage, and
proper medication is used. This site discusses
diabetes related hair loss and what you can do to
prevent, minimize and even stop the hair loss.

Explaining the hair loss
If you notice your hair getting thinner, and have
not been diagnosed as a diabetic, and also have
other diabetes related symptoms - then you should
visit your doctor as soon as possible. For many people the hair loss is preventable. Diabetes affects
the growth process of hair and you will see the effects after some time. Diseases can cause a lot
of stress - this also has a big effect on your hair.
A treatment change is another reason why your
body might respond as it does, especially your hair.

Why does this happen?
Diabetics are sensitive to skin problems as their
blood circulation is not optimal. Slow healing,
bruises and small wounds are some of the results
of this. Therefore, it takes more time for your body
to heal and re grow lost hair. This can cause visible
hair loss as your body has problems keeping up
with the re growth process. A healthy person
loses between 50 and 100 hairs each day. If you
notice a large loss of hair it is very important that
you seek medical assistance. Uncontrolled diabetes
will cause damage to your body and needs good
treatment to recover and stabilize.